Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

The 20/40 Challenge at the Odgepodge Gallery has started and there is great excitement here as the dogs come to life. The weather in our area has be very hot so staying indoors with the art is easier to do.
The Odgepodge Gallery in old town Sherwood presents “HOT AUGUST ART!” Adam Rose, photographer, will be our featured artist for August and will give you views of local life and places. Come meet him at the gallery during our Second Saturday art walk. Second Saturday Artists will be located at several old town businesses and the Sherwood Saturday market.
The Second Annual 20/40 Challenge is underway with a great response from area artists. Twenty artists have started the challenge which will run until September 4th. The grand viewing will be September 12, at the gallery from 10-5p. The 20/40 Challenge was started in this Sherwood gallery last year with the participation of 8 artists. The artists must each produce 20 new pieces of art in 40 days; each piece must fit the 8X8 inch board format that is distributed by the gallery. The artist may use any medium that will work with this format and all pieces must relate to a pre-stated theme. The goal was always 20 artist/20 pieces/40 days and we are excited that we have achieved that this year with artists in the wings.
Please stay tuned to coming events as we continue to awaken your creative spirit. Do you think that you aren’t creative, can’t do it? Come to the gallery for art classes taught by various area artists. Class schedules soon to be available. Call us today at 503-625-5692

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