Sunday, December 28, 2008


20/40 Challenge'08; I learned alot from this exercise. Painting small and organizing my time for my art proved to be valuable. My theme this year was In Flight. I have a year to come up with my 09 theme as the artists have decided to do this again. This means 20 pieces in 40 days.

Another day....

Color excites me with its communication of light and emotion as it plays with the art.
Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playing "catch up"

Starting the new year with a complete gallery of works. This blog is an adventure and the learning curve is a mountain at this point but 2009 will be the year I smooth out the edges and get everything up for your viewing pleasure.
This one was done for the cruise-in this year.
Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the gallery...

This floral painting done a couple years ago is displayed in a little gallery in Sherwood, Oregon called Odgepodge. I love looking at it and finding new perspectives that I could not see when I was painting it. I did learn alot from this one, mostly that I prefer smaller bouquets for painting. It is for sale.

The windmills were done this summer following my trip to Europe and a visit to the Netherlands. Truly inspiring countyside. I did have a chance to visit some museums when I was there and have a "painting" lesson just studying the brushwork of the masters; Rembrandt and the gang.
Friday, December 5, 2008

Her Majesty

This beautiful butterfly inspired me. I never planned on selling her but when my equally beautiful sister wanted butterflies I couldn't denie that my sister should be the owner. The symbol of rebirth presented in the magnificence of butterfly wings is inspiring and soulful.

The beach

The Oregon coast is a beautiful place any time of year. Sunny beaches brings smiles from children building castles, windy beaches bring out the kites that soar to challenge the wind and the pilot, wintery storms call for cozy accomodations, tea and a good book. Whenever you can get away the beach is a destination and that is why when asked to paint something for the Middle school in Sherwood I chose an Oregon beach. The beaches here are often quiet and private, they are rocky and have their own character.

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